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Unicover $99.95
The clear acrylic Unicover protects the platter, tonearm and cartridge from dust and damage. Perfect for Michell’s Gyro SE, Orbe SE or TecnoDec and will also fit most any turntable on the market. The Unicover has three soft vinyl feet to prevent damage to the platter surface and simply sits on the platter, overhanging the tonearm.
SEcure Base $549.00

Designed to fit under any turntable providing additional isolation from ambient noise and vibration. Constructed of thick 25mm acrylic with 4 adjustable, pointed feet. It weighs 17.6 lbs!

Dimensions: 530mm wide x 430mm deep.
Height to top surface 60mm.

Acrylic Platter/Springs/Adjusters/Inverted Main Bearing Kit $649.00
For early GyroDecs equipped with the aluminum platter and rubber mat. This upgrade provides the biggest bang for the buck. Improves, dynamics, neutrality, soundstaging , bass extension and tightness as well as lowering the noise floor and silence between notes. An absolute must.
Inverted Oil-Pumping Main Bearing only $299.95


All Michell turntables currently employ a unique inverted bearing that locates the point of rotation above the center of gravity of the platter precisely at the height where the platter takes up the drive belt. This makes the platter/bearing a self-stabilising component that can not be provoked into rocking modes.

The precision bearing has a case-hardened steel shaft that is secured upright in an oil well, which is threaded into the subchassis from below. A massive bronze housing, precision-machined as a pair with the shaft, is attached to the platter via the integral stainless steel record spindle. A thrust ball sits on the flat top of the shaft centralized by an inverted cone in the top of the housing. This housing has a spiral machined into its inner bore to draw a high quality synthetic oil from the bath to the top of the bearing shaft as the housing rotates with the platter. An off-center hole is drilled from top to bottom of the shaft allowing the trapped oil to return to the oil wel for re-circulationl. This unique oil-pumping mechanism results in low friction and wear, and in low rumble and noise. It was designed to last a lifetime.

Synthetic Bearing Oil $15.00
As supplied on all Michell turntables. For use in all turntable bearings. 8cc (1/4 oz.) vial.
Orbe Platter/Clamp Upgrade Kit for GyroDec & Gyro SE $849.00

Converts acrylic platter GyroDecs or Gyro SE to the Orbe Platter and screw-down clamp. Brings your GyroDec that much closer to the sound quality of the Orbe. We recommend the DensoDamp chassis danping compound too. Also, if you do not have the latest 2-piece decoupled suspension towers, you should consider this as well.

(MKI GyroDecs require a change to later style springs. — Call for details.)

Orbe Clamp Upgrade Kit for GyroDec & Gyro SE $249.95
For owners of Gyros who want to obtain the benefits of the Orbe's screw-down clamp, but aren't ready for the full Orbe Platter Kit. Includes the clamp, threaded bearing spindle, platter lock nut and finishing ring. (Will only fit Gyros with inverted bearing.)
2-Piece Decoupled Suspension Tower Upgrade for GyroDec & Orbe $189.00
 For MKI, MKII and MKIII GyroDecs and earlier Orbes. Brings your deck up to the latest factory specs. The two piece towers uses a ball bearing to decouple the platter from the base via a single-point contact. This elevates the performance of the GyroDec closer to that of Michell's flagship Orbe. Improves the earlier Orbes as well. An inexpensive, worthwhile upgrade that provides a noticeable sound improvement. Specify GyroDec or Orbe when ordering. Set of 3.
H.R. DC Power Supply with Never-Connected Technology $895.00

The H.R.(High Resolution) PSU is a high current power supply for use with the TecnoDec and DC-powered Gyros. It provides for improved sound quality and speed stability and has a user-adjustable voltage control for fine tuning the turntable speed. Using new patented "Never-Connected" technology, this revolutionary new isolating power supply design ensures the motor is never connected directly to the AC mains, resulting in total isolation from mains borne noise and interference. The "Never-Connected" circuit acts similar to a pure DC source (battery) to feed the motor and provides a substantial improvement in sound quality.

Dimensions: 180mm x 115mm x 50mm

GyroDecs and Gyro SE prior to serial number 1363, produced before January 21, 2003, will require an adapter cable part # MIC-HRAD ($35.00) in order to use the H.R. PSU.

Tonearm De-Coupling Kit for Rega Tonearms & Variants $49.95
This De-coupling kit can be installed on all GyroDec and Orbe turntable variants to mechanically de-couple the tonearm and mounting plate from the rest of the turntable, thereby preventing ambient noise from transfering from the turntable to the tonearm/cartridge. Unlike the originally supplied armboard mounting which is via solid standoffs and through-bolts, the new standoffs have a threaded stud protruding from one end and a threaded hole on the other. The end with the threaded hole also has a nitrile rubber isolating o-ring embedded in its top surface.

To install, the studded ends screw directly into the metal chassis of the turntable, then the armboard is placed on top of the standoffs. Next 3 short Allen head bolts are screwed into the standoffs, holding the underside of the armboard against the o-rings. A grounding strap is then attached to maintain the anti-static grounding of the chassis. Instructions are included. A self-adhesive tonearm cable fixing device is also included to allow correct dressing of the arm cable.

The most noticeable change is an improvement to the fine texture and nuances on both vocals and music and more accurate timbre on wood and string instruments. This is a VERY inexpensive upgrade considering the sound improvement and ease of installation.

NOTE: There are two variations to the kit. One is for arms mounted directly to the armplate without the use of the Michell VTA adjuster. Part # is MIC-GYAB-DCR12. The second has shorter standoffs to accomodate arms mounted with the Michell VTA adjuster installed. This includes the TecnoArm and RB250 Special arms. Part number is MIC-GYAB-DCR10.

Tonearm De-Coupling Kit for SME and Graham 1.5 Tonearms $49.95

As above but for all SME tonearms and the Graham 1.5 tonearm. Part #is MIC-GYAB-DCS.

DensoDamp Chassis Damping Compound for GyroDec & Gyro SE $35.00

As factory-installed on all Orbe models to damp out unwanted chassis resonances.

Apply to the underside of your GyroDec's metal chassis and get better performance. Well worth the low cost.

Stand-Alone Motor Housing Kit for early GyroDecs Silver  $279.00
Gold  $299.00

Prewired stand-alone motor housing will accept your old AC Gyro motor and top plate, or the new DC Motor Upgrade Kit. When fitted to early GyroDecs with AC motor, this housing virtually eliminates all motor noise. Comes pre-wired with a power lead terminated in a mini XLR connector. Machining of a clearance hole in the GyroDec's baseboard is required, unless you are converting your GyroDec to the SE configuration, with no base or dust cover. (See Gyro SE Spyder kit below). Some soldering is required.


GyroDec DC Motor and Power Supply Upgrade Kit Silver  $595.00
Black or Gold  $650.00

If you own an older AC-powered GyroDec or Gyro SE, you should consider this upgrade which produces a quantum improvement in sound quality, while totally eliminating mechanical resonance produced by the older AC motors. This kit outperforms the old AC motor, even those running off the upgraded QC power supply, yet costs much less! The new DC motor comes pre-assembled to a new top plate with switch, that simply drops into your present Gyro motor housing. The DC power supply has an internal speed adjustment, and is the same as the one used on the current GyroDec, Gyro SE and TecnoDec. Some soldering is required.

Gyro SE Spider Kit $249.00

When used with the Stand-alone Motor Housing Kit, will convert a GyroDec to a Gyro SE. If you are willing to give up the dust cover and base on your GyroDec for better sound reproduction, or your cover is broken, then this is the kit for you.

Orbe SE Spider Kit $379.00

Will convert an Orbe to an Orbe SE. If you are willing to give up the dust cover and base on your Orbe for better sound reproduction, or your cover is broken, then this is the kit for you.


Conical Feet - Set of 3 Silver  $149.95
Black  $179.95

For early GyroDecs equipped with rubber feet. Also for those who prefer to replace the resilient feet on the TecnoDec. Set of 3.


TecnoWeight with built-in stylus force adjustment - Fits Rega RB100/101/202/250/300/301/303/600/700/900/1000 $179.95

John Michell, one of audio’s best known and most respected audio engineers, designed this versatile, precision-engineered, geometrically correct counterweight system, suitable for all Rega arms and their various derivatives. This all stainless steel device will fit the Rega RB100/101/202/250/300/301/303/600/700/900/1000 arms and their variants such as Moth, Audio Note, Goldring, and Origin Live OL-1 arms. (Will NOT fit any other OL arms). The TecnoWeight will handle a wide range of cartridges, with weights from 3g to 13g. This versatility is achieved by supplying two different counterweights for cartridges in the 3-6g and 6-13g ranges. (For heavier cartridges Like the ZU, you will also need to purchase the Extra Heavy Counterweight below). The chosen counterweight is fitted to a slider bush that travels on a new, stainless steel stub shaft. An aluminum vernier knob that screws onto the rear of the stub shaft allows precise, calibrated adjustment of tracking weight in increments of one tenth of a gram. The Counterweight itself is underslung below the main axis of the arm tube to bring the centre of gravity of the whole arm tube assembly in line with the stylus tip. The TecnoWeight’s precision engineering and fine adjustment capability provides a significant sound improvement. The replacement of the plastic stub shaft and large diameter counterweight, allow for much more control, precision and detail in musical reproduction. When used with RB300/301/303/600 arms, the TecnoWeight dispenses with the need to use the arm's own somewhat questionable tracking force system, which further improves sound reproduction. The TecnoWeight is standard on Michell's flagship TecnoArm. Will not fit on RP1 tonearms.

Extra Heavy Counterwight for the TecnoWeight $49.95
This optional extra-heavy stainless steel counterweight (shown to the far right of the standard weights) is designed to be used with cartridges weighing more than 13 grams or if you are having difficulty zero-balancing your tonearm with the larger of the two supplied standard counterweights.
Rega RB250/300/600 VTA Adjuster Base $45.00
Finally, a clever, inexpensive, solution to a perplexing problem! No more arm removals to insert shims. Simply install the Michell VTA Adjustment Base on your Rega RB250, RB300 or RB600 tone arm, or any variants (Origin Live, Moth, Goldring etc, and you can adjust the vertical tracking angle in minute increments without losing the rigid mounting so important to proper sound reproduction. Requires a 1 1/8" (28mm) diameter mounting hole. The VTA adjuster, at its' minimum setting, raises the tone arm by 1.75mm, which is slightly less than the thinnest shim (2mm) that REGA manufactures. The VTA adjuster is standard on Michell's own TecnoArm. Combined with Michell's Rega Finger Nut, adjustments are fast and painless. Will only fit Rega variants with threaded base (not the RB700/900/1000 arms).

To adjust VTA, just loosen the tone arm hold-down nut, rotate the VTA Adjuster Base to raise or lower the tone arm, then retighten the hold down nut. So simple! We recommend the use of our RegaWrench or Rega Finger Nut for even easier adjustments.

Rega RB100/101/202/251/301/303 3-Point VTA Adjuster Base $79.95

This VTA adjustment base is designed to fit the Rega RB100, RB101, RB202, RB251, RB301, RB303 and variants (Moth, Origin Live etc.) that use the 3-point mounting method instead of the single, threaded post mount. It will NOT fit RB700 or RB1000 models. This VTA adjuster comes standard on the TecnoArm II.

Two adjuster rings are supplied. A thinner one that raises the arm 2 to 4 mm, and a thicker one that raises it 4 to 6 mm. For Michell Gyro or Orbe decks, shorter de-couplers and standoffs are included as shown. Three M5 x 20mm countersunk head mounting screws are also supplied to thread directly into all current Gyro or Orbe arm mounting boards. The Michell VTA adjuster, at its' minimum setting, raises the tone arm by 2 mm over standard. If your tonearm is already at the correct height or too high for correct VTA adjustment BEFORE installing the Michell VTA adjuster, and no shims are currently installed, the arm will be too high with this VTA adjuster installed, even at its minimum setting. If there is no provision for lowering the tonearm mounting board in this situation, this VTA adjuster should not be utilized.

Rega Finger Nut $21.95
Another clever design from John Michell. Replaces the large chromed nut that secures Rega tonearms to the turntable. eliminates the need for any tools to remove or adjust the tonearm. When used with the Michell VTA adjuster, allows for quick, easy VTA adjustments. The Finger Nut is standard on Michell's own TecnoArm and RB250 Special tonearms. Can be used on all Rega RB250/RB300/RB600 and variants with threaded base such as Origin Live, Moth and Goldring with or without a VTA adjuster. (Will not fit 3-point mount arms.)
Record Clamp - Silver knob $59.95
Constructed of black, non-resonant Delrin with a silver-anodized aluminum knob. Supplied standard on North American GyroDec and Gyro SE. Will fit the TecnoDec and most any other turntable that has at least 8mm of untapered, unthreaded spindle protruding above the record. Clamps the record solidly to the platter to eliminate vinyl resonance and prevent slipping. To use, place the clamp over the record spindle and tighten about 1/8th of a turn. The clamp employs a contracting aluminum collet to grab the spindle and push the record against the platter. The underside of the clamp has a raised portion at its periphery that pushes down on the record just outside of the label area. The clamp is removed by unscrewing the knob 1/8 turn counterclockwise.
Record Clamp - Black knob $65.00
As above but with a black anodized aluminum knob.
Rega Record Clamp $65.00

Identified by the letter 'R' engraved below the Michell name, this record clamp is custom designed specifically for Rega decks or other decks which have a very short record spindle - those with at least 5mm of untapered, unthreaded spindle protruding above the record. (Less than this, the clamp will have nothing to grab onto.) Made of black non-resonant Delrin with a black-anodized aluminum knob.


Phono Cartridge Mounting Kit $15.00
If your phono cartridge is not tightened up properly in the headshell, you are loosing out on all the work you've done to tweek and adjust your turntable. Trouble is, most mounting hardware supplied with cartridges (even the expensive ones!) is woefully inadequate for the job of gripping the cartridge body to the headshell. The result is that the sound potential of your fancy vinyl hardware goes to waste. It's amazing the difference that secure cartridge mounting can make. The sound goes from vague to vivid, ponderous to powerful, dull to dynamic. This high quality kit contains everything you need to get the job done. Contains two each 10mm and 16mm long stainless steel Allen bolts, washers, nuts and hex wrench.
Premium Phono Cartridge Clips $29.95
These are the ultimate phono cartridge clips as used on our TecnoArm. Machined from nonmagnetic solid brass billets, then electroplated with pure silver for superior conductivity. Pin entrance hole has a spring loaded easy-entrance chamfer, with a raised, contact area for better pin contact. Has an integral solder barrier to prevent solder wicking to the cartridge pin side, and a gas exit hole to allow for void-free soldering. Includes 4 color-coded shrink-on sleeves.
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