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Gyro SE - w/o arm... The same turntable Steve Jobs listened to at home.

Yes, this is also the turntable that appears in the movie LOOPER

Silver $2,795.00
Black (special order) $2,995.00

First introduced as the GyroDec in 1980 the Gyro SE is the most popular Michell turntable ever. We like to call it the analog bargain of the century since the Gyro SE gives so much performance, esthetics and quality of construction for so little money. From its heavy cast aluminum chassis, custom graphite/vinyl/acrylic platter with 24K gold-plated centrifugal weights, inverted oil pumping bearing, silent European-made DC motor and speed adjustable power supply, it would be difficult to beat this musical performer at even twice or three times its price. As Neil Young remarked, Steve Jobs was a pioneer of digital music but when he went home he listened to vinyl (on his GyroDec which he purchased in the early 80's). See it HERE

As your budget or needs change the Gyro SE is fully upgradeable with the HR Power Supply with Never Connected technology, Orbe Clamp, Orbe Platter and DensoDamp. As incremental improvements are made, upgrade kits are available to keep your deck current.

The Gyro SE is a Stereophile Class B Recommended Component.

Dimensions: 19" W x 15" D x 5.5" H

Tonearm and armboard not included. Armboards available for most tonearms. In North America Artech provides Michell's reflex clamp at no additional cost.

TecnoDec - with REGA OEM RB202 Tonearm
TecnoDec -
without arm - Rega armboard included


The TecnoDec is Michell's entry level turntable but has the sound quality one would expect from a Michell product, yet at a price 1/3 less than the Gyro SE. The TecnoDec shares a similar vinyl-damped acrylic platter, inverted main bearing and DC motor to that of the Gyro, but dispenses with a sprung subchassis. Isolation feet and a stand-alone motor housing ensure minimal noise pickup. The TecnoDec is so simple to set up, with no complicated adjustments. Comes complete with an outboard DC power supply with internal speed adjustment capability.

This deck is upgradeable with the H.R. High Resolution Power Supply with Never Connected technology.

Dimensions: 19" W x 12" D x 3" H

ORBE SE - w/o arm - Includes the Never-Connected Power supply

Based on the ever popular Gyro SE, the Orbe SE is Michell's flagship turntable. It improves upon the Gyro in a number of areas. It employs a similar European-made DC motor housed in a significantly heavier bronze and aluminum housing, with the addition of a tachometer feedback signal that is sent to the NC Tacho power supply. Using this signal, this larger power supply constantly adjusts the motor speed in real time for rock solid speed stability under varying environmental or loading conditions such as caused by stylus drag for instance. Additionally the NC Tacho power supply uses patented Never Connected circuitry which totally breaks the conduction path from AC mains pollution, preventing unwanted contamination of the DC voltage that is fed to the motor. The sound improvement is stunning. Like the Gyro SE, the massive acrylic platter has most of its weight distributed at its periphery and uses a screw down clamp for more precise clamping of the LP. The cast aluminum chassis is damped with Michell's DensoDamp compound to reduce ringing. Finally, the Orbe SE rests on a second spider that is de-coupled from the first via three single point contacts.

Shown with SME V tonearm - Tonearm and armboard not included. Armboards available for most tonearms.

Dimensions: 19" W x 15" D x 7.5" H

Michell TecnoArm II

The Michell TecnoArm II has brought some improvements to this popular tonearm. Now using the latest 3-point mount, the TecnoArm II is based on the Rega RB202 tonearm and uses a new arm tube which is more rigid than its predecessor. The taper on the arm tube has a new profile to improve sound reproduction and there are larger webs to stiffen the bearing to arm tube interface. The headshell has been re-designed as well. A proprietary stress relieving process is applied to the arm tube to toughen the bearing housing and headshell areas. The arm tube mass is lowered at the headshell end, with 22 holes precision drilled on the underside. This increases trackability and reduces unwanted resonances. The underside of the headshell is aligned to the main bearings and precision milled in a jig, ensuring zero azimuth for the cartridge. The arm is internally foam-damped and rewired with one continuous length of Michell's proprietary 99.999% pure silver Litz wire between Michell's own silver-plated machined cartridge clips and Michell's own silver-plated billet brass RCA plugs. The underslung TecnoWeight counterweight is supplied with two weights: the lighter one for cartridges between 3 and 6 grams, the heavy one for cartridges between 6 and 13 grams. An optional extra heavy weight is available for cartridges weighing up to 16 grams. The TecnoWeight has a precision vernier adjustment for setting tracking weight in 1/10th gram increments without need for a stylus scale. Michell's hasn't forgot about VTA adjustment. Their ingenious 3-point VTA adjuster is included allowing for arm height adjustment without arm removal. The arm is supplied with 3 shorter arm board standoffs and 3 shorter de-coupling standoffs giving a wider range of adjustment on all vintages of Michell Gyro or Orbe turntables. Mounting template, mounting screws, alignment protractor and instructions are included.

Arm weight (w/o cable): 365 grams. Effective mass 12 grams.

Michell RB303 OEM Tonearm

This arm consists of a Michell-branded Rega OEM RB303 tonearmwith latest 3-point mount. Mounting template, alignment protractor & instructions included. Unlike the Rega version, a 6" long ground lead with eyelet allows proper grounding to the turntable chassis.


Michell RB202 OEM Tonearm

This arm consists of a Michell-branded Rega OEM RB202 with latest 3-point mount. Mounting template, alignment protractor & instructions included. A 6" long ground lead with eyelet allows proper grounding to the turntable chassis.

The RB202 Special version has a TecnoWeight and VTA adjuster installed.

Description PRICE
Arm boards for GyroDec & ORBE  - Silver Rega, SME, TecnoArm $179.95
Arm boards for GyroDec & ORBE  - Black or Gold Rega, SME, TecnoArm $189.95
Custom Arm boards for GyroDec & ORBE to fit most tonearms - Silver $199.95
Custom Arm boards for GyroDec & ORBE to fit most tonearms - Black or Gold $229.95
Drive Belt #1 - For Focus, Focus S, Prisma, Syncro, Mycro, Gyro, Orbe, TecnoDec and Transcriptors Saturn turntables. $45.00
Drive Belt #2 - For Michell & Transcriptors Reference Hydraulic turntables only $45.00
Synthetic Main Bearing Oil - For use in all turntable bearings. 8cc (1/4 oz.) vial $15.00
Silicone Fluid - For fluid well on Michell or Transcriptors Reference Hydraulic decks & for fluid-damped tonearms. 2 oz. $39.95
Arm board for TecnoDec  - Rega / TecnoArm $129.95
Arm board for TecnoDec  - SME $129.95
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