8000PX 100W/ch Stereo Power Amp

The Audiolab 8000PX Stereo Power Amplifier delivers over 100 watts per channel. Peak output current of over 40 amps and exceptionally low distortion guarantees perfect operation with all types of loudspeakers and cables.

Two sets of heavy duty speaker terminals allow for connection of bi-wired speakers. Input load sockets make it easy to connect additional power amplifiers for bi-amplified systems. The dual-mono configuration of the 8000P ensures exceptional isolation between channels.

If you already own an Audiolab 8000A Integrated Amplifier you can upgrade by adding the 8000PX.


 No Longer Available    

Technical Specifications

  100 watt per channel Power Amplifier
  Pure direct coupled circuit
  No input coupling capacitors
  Compact thermally efficient design
  Dual mono construction
  Oversized toroidal transformer
  Peak output current over 40 amps per ch.
  2 sets of heavy-duty speaker terminals
  Dual input sockets for bi-amping
  Automatic fault protection and muting

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