8000MX 125W Mono Bloc Amp

The Audiolab 8000MX Mono Bloc Power Amplifier delivers truly refined sound, with real power and drive. It copes naturally with the most delicate nuances through to the full power of a symphony orchestra or rock-band.

Many of today's loudspeakers are designed to be bi-wired, that also means they can be operated with a separate power amplifier connected to each speaker section e.g. HF and LF. With over 125 watts output this compact and versatile design is ideal for any system requiring two, four or even more power amplifiers.

Each 8000MX has two sets of speaker output terminals for bi-wiring.

Parallel in-out phono connectors make it easy to connect several pairs of 8000MX's in either a dedicated audio system or a top-line multi-amp AV system. A comprehensive user manual includes full instructions for the connection of bi-wired and tri-wired speakers.


   No Longer Available    

Technical Specifications

  125 watt monobloc power amplifier
  Pure direct coupled circuit
  No input coupling capacitors
  Compact thermally efficient design
  Very high current output capability
  Oversized toroidal power transformer
  2 sets of heavy-duty speaker terminals
  Dual input sockets for bi-amping
  Automatic fault protection and muting

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