8000A MKIII Integrated Amplifier
8000A MKIII-Integrated  

The Audiolab 8000A Integrated Amplifier has earned an international reputation for exceptional sound quality, elegant design and the unrivaled ability to complement all types of modern Hi-fi components.

The 8000A offers real flexibility. It will drive all types of loudspeakers which allows you to choose from a wide variety of models. Power output is 60 watt per channel. It has inputs for CD, phono, tuner, video, tape 1 and tape 2. The low noise phono inputs are designed to match all types of Moving Coil and Moving Magnet pickup cartridges.

Three tape outputs ensure complete compatibility with analog, digital and video sound recorders. Independent input and record switching lets you monitor and copy tapes, you can even record from one input while listening to a different one.

The pre-amp output can be used to drive a separate power amplifier. You can upgrade at any time in the future simply by adding the Audiolab 8000P Power amplifier.


 No longer available    

Technical Specifications

  60w/ch Integrated Amplifier
  Toroidal power transformer
  6 line level inputs and 3 tape loops
  MM and MC phono inputs. Headphone jack
  Phase compensated tone control system with by-pass switch
  Automatic fault protection & muting
  On-Off switching of 2nd set of speakers
  Power amplifier input jacks
  Low source impedance pre-amp output

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   8000A MKIII-
Integrated Amplifier

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