High Definition Swiss-made Audio Cables


Prisma T.C. (Time Compensated) Speaker Cables
Prisma Cable T.C. represents our finest speaker cable employing the latest cable winding technology and materials, to produce a state-of-the-art loudspeaker cable. It is produced with 99.9997% pure oxygen-free copper and is directional, due to its monocrystal configuration.

The design goal was to produce a signal path that results in the simultaneous arrival of all frequencies at the load end of the cable. Our time compensated cable achieves this with 1,063 strands of various sized individually insulated Litz conductors arranged in discreet groups and lengths.
Prisma Cable T.C. is a true reference cable. Its performance can be fully appreciated when used with the finest electronics and loudspeakers. In particular, electrostatic or planar loudspeakers benefit greatly from the use of Prisma Cable T.C.

Available pre-tinned with 3% silver solder or with Jumbo spade lugs installed. Standard lengths are 7.5', 10', 12', 15' and 20'. Custom lengths and bi-wire sets are available.


Prisma T.C. - Time Compensated speaker cables  

2 x 1,063 strands of various diameters of Litz wire (approx. 10 gauge total). Clear insulation. Ends tinned with 3% silver solder. Add $11.20 for each Jumbo spade installed.

Custom lengths are available. Figure the total cable length needed. (Add left and right lengths), add $70.00 for tinning ends with 3% silver solder, add 11.20 for each spade intalled.
Bi-wiring sets are available. Add an additional $105.00 to above prices.

 7.5 ft pr.
10 ft pr.
12 ft pr.
15 ft pr.
20 ft pr.

Bulk rolls or custom lengths, per ft.
Custom length termination charge per pair (tinned with 3% silver solder).
Bi-wire termination charge per pair.
Gold-plated JUMBO copper spade lugs installed, each.



High Definition Audio Interconnect Cables

The Prisma Dual Interconnect is constructed of the highest quality components. It begins with 174 strands of OFC (99.99% oxygen-free copper) as the center conductor. This is insulated by a polyfoam dielectric, reducing capacitance between the center conductor and the shield, which can restrict high frequency extension. The shield itself is braided copper and has 98% coverage to eliminate RF and magnetic interference. The outer jacket is our highly flexible Soflex® PVC, which is marked with directional arrows. The Prisma Dual Interconnect is highly recommended for use between preamps and power amps and as a CD interconnect cable. Due to its true 72 ohm impedance and low capacitance of 50pf per meter, the Prisma Dual Interconnect also makes a superb video cable.

An interconnect cable is only as good as its connector. Prisma Interconnects are terminated with the Prisma RCA plug, designed in-house by Artech. This is a premium quality connector, machined from solid brass, then 24K gold-plated. There are no cheap crimp connections between the cable ground connection and the barrel, as on so many other "high-end" cables. This could introduce noise as the crimp deteriorates over time. Our connector has a split center pin, Teflon dielectric and a heavy six-segment ground ring. Our connectors slide on snugly, but are not overtight, preventing damage to RCA jacks. The barrel is non-magnetic brass finished in a black satin epoxy. There is a neoprene rubber grip, and color-coding bands for channel identification. The resulting product is a highly musical interconnect which is unmatched in value. Standard lengths are 1/2, 1, 1.5 meters. It is also available in bulk rolls.

The Prisma Balanced Interconnect has similar construction to our Dual Interconnect but is a premium single channel cable with two separate center conductors. The Prisma Balanced Interconnect is ideal for long cable runs with minimal signal loss. When used in the true balanced configuration with XLR connectors, it is immune to RF and hum pick up. It is available by the foot or in bulk rolls.


Prisma Cable Dual Interconnects - retail packaged  

RCA to RCA, 1/2 metre
RCA to RCA, 1 metre
RCA to RCA, 1 1/2 metre


Prisma Cable Dual Interconnect - bulk cable $9.09 / Ft 

6mm dia. dual coaxial cable, 174 strand OFC, poly foam insulated center conductor.
Braided copper shield. Available in 50 meter rolls (164 ft.) Grey


Prisma Cable Balanced Interconnect - bulk cable $9.09 / Ft 

6mm dia. cable, with two 20 ga. PVC-insulated OFC copper conductors (color coded red & white).
Braided copper shield with drain wire. Available in 50 meter rolls (164 ft.) Grey



Prisma Cable Premium Terminals

24K Gold-plated Pin Terminals (min. 8 pcs.) $1.75 ea.
Solid brass, 24K gold-plated pins for cables up to 10 gauge in diameter. Can be crimped or soldered. Complete with red and black PVC sleeves.
7.5 Ga. 24K Gold-plated Jumbo Spade Lugs $4.50 ea.
Solid copper, 24K gold-plated spade lugs for up to 7.5 gauge cables. Complete with red and black heat shrink sleeves. A very heavy duty connector.

10 Ga. 24K Gold-plated Jumbo Spade Lugs $4.50 ea.
As above but with smaller diameter entry for cables up to 10 gauge.
24K Gold-plated RCA Plugs $22.50 pr.
A high quality solid brass 24K gold-plated RCA plug with split center pin and neoprene rubber grip. Will fit our Dual Interconnect, Balanced Interconnect or any RG59 sized cable up to 6.5mm diameter. Provides a solid mechanical connection to the cable sheath with no crimps in the signal path. Teflon dielectric. Color coded. Attractively boxed.
There is no better connector at this price.